Project Description

Jeep Wrangler Vehicle Design

After working 2.5 years flat out on the Cirrus and Stratus sedans my vehicle design journey took a radical turn. I was transferred to the Jeep studio to work on the next Wrangler. A full understanding of the Jeep culture was not something I was versed in. I knew the history but not the values. This is reflected in the sketches below. They were done very early on before I was immersed in what not to do! It was only after I met with hardcore, passionate Jeep owners did I start to put together a plan for how to design the next version of this beloved vehicle. Getting the chance to design such an iconic vehicle was an incredible responsibility. One I took very seriously.

Early on though, I’m already drawing round headlights and using the Jeep grill in new places. I may have not understood the Jeep culture but I knew a Jeep should have round headlights! The next thing I addressed was the 7 bar grill. It was another signature design element that needed to be taken to a new level. I used this as the air intake on the cowl. This has been credited with being the first Jeep Easter Egg, of which now there are many. Motor Authority recently did a piece covering my Jeep design legacy which can be read here. The “skateboard” side step which prevents the vehicle from getting stuck on rocks when off-road is another design detail I am proud of.