Project Description

Santoro Design Travel Bags

The goal for the design of these travel bags was simple: Create a set of bags that allowed for a weekend gateway that was executed in high style using materials of exceptional quality with nice details. The more highly styled of the two is the Overnight Bag. Inspired by origami, the bag can sometimes take on the appearance of being folded like paper while the duffel excels in its honest, authentic aesthetic.

For the black model, the art comes from the juxtaposition of the textured hide upper against the smooth, almost polished lower section. For the vintage, its the way the bag will patina in over time endearing itself to it’s owner. Accented by polished chrome hardware, it’s a bag that travels just as well to your secluded retreat as a 5-star resort. Click to shop MSD bags on amazon.

Visually, the Duffel Bag is the more utilitarian of the two. Even within this more “form following function” aesthetic, a certain elegance was sought to separate this design from the hordes of available options. Like the Overnight bag, the Duffie achieves this elegance by juxtaposing heavily textured hides against the smooth, almost polished finish of the vertical straps and handles.

This combined with the polished chrome hardware exudes an air of exclusivity, craftsmanship and sophistication. Additional features that speak to the quality of both bags are the 5mm of foam rubber layered between the liner and leather exterior helping to maintain the form even if half filled. The five chrome bottom feet prevent premature wear. Click to shop MSD bags.

Skills: industrial design, product design, digital content creation, supply-chain management, brand identity, art direction, graphic design, photography, visual storytelling, web design