Project Description

Product Design

While I love cars, I never dreamed so much of my career would be spent in product design. One of best parts about being a car designer is that you get to design all sorts of other things. Vehicles have a lot of accessories and car designers get to design them. I had such a chance very early on in my time at Chrysler where I got the opportunity to design a roof rack for the eponymous minivan. It was product design, pure and simple.

Growing tired of working for others, I yearned for an entrepreneurial life. Freedom and creativity are two of my highest values. Working for myself was the best way I could think of to honor them. Going from dream to reality is always the difficult part. If you’re going to plan on how to make a dream come true, I cannot think of a better place than on a beach in Bali. This is where the idea for a soft goods company that ultimately became MacCase was born.