Project Description

Aircraft Interior Design

Teague was very strong in aircraft interior design while I was there. Gulfstream, Bombardier and of course Boeing Aerospace were all clients. With my background in transportation design I got to work on all of the aviation programs. There was a constant influx of requests from Boeing for ideas for the future of air travel. New ways to do food service were explored including self service stations, leasing out space to fast food providers and ultra thin carts the did not block the isle. A concept for a business center was looked at as were concepts for “personal space” where the customer could choose a space that could transform from an office to an entertainment center to a bedroom space.

For Bombardier, I designed a galley and a lavatory. Up until this point, all aircraft galleys have flat faced drawers and cabinets. I brought the idea of adding a curved section in the plan view which completely changed the perception of what a galley could be. Elliptical forms were used for the touch points for opening and closing. Suddenly this area had style. I was boarding a flight out of Phoenix many years later and the production galley was on the plane. I asked the flight attendant what she thought. “This is the best galley I’ve every used”, she said with a big smile. Lastly, I got to work on many areas of the Gulfstream G5 including the designs for the seats, credenzas, electronics, tables and interior trim panels.