michael santoro

About Me

When I was 17, I walked into a prestigious art gallery on the Upper East Side of Manhattan a few blocks from my high school. I asked the owner how he chose the work he represented. Instead of politely asking me to leave, he asked if I had any work to show. I told him I did. He recommended I bring it by. Two weeks later I was back at the gallery with a painting and an agreement for the gallery to represent my work. This was my first step into a larger creative world beyond the security of home or the classroom.

I never looked back.

It is a world filled with passion and gratefully, has had no boundaries. I have been able to apply my creativity across a broad range of disciplines in large organizations, small companies, and in building my own businesses as an entrepreneur. Each environment presented new challenges and new successes but one thing has remained: The desire to do the highest quality work regardless of the project or program.

Artfully solving problems for 30 years

Let’s push boundaries and defy expectations together.

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