Project Description

Audi RS3 Race Car Livery Design

The opportunity to do the race car livery design for a pair of Audi RS3 TCR race cars was a very special project. 3 concepts were presented, one conservative, one a bit more ambitious and one radical. The radical one was chosen. The design was based on the combination of two unrelated ideas. The client asked if one of the 3 designs could use the color palette from the poster for a successful film about his wife’s equestrian career. Those color’s were red, yellow and black. These are also colors found in a desert sunset.

These colors were combined with my long standing belief that, at speed, all colors blur. Beyond using those specific colors, the design brief from the client included that the cars had to be easy to pick out on the track from all views, appeal to the kid in all of us, be able to have a variation on the main theme and look professional.  As the designer, my goal for this race car livery was to make it original, dynamic and insure the cars had presence.  Motor Authority published an article on the process which can be read here.

Daryl Staehle

“Working with Michael was super. It was my first time commissioning a wrap for my new racing team cars. He really listened to my ideas and thoughts and literally made my dreams come true. His attention to detail is intense. I wanted a design that would stand out on track and have great paddock appeal. He is not afraid to put in the work to get a result that was fully realized on the car, not just on the drawing board.”

Daryl Staehle

Team Owner, Desert Flight Racing