Project Description

Automotive Livery Design

As a designer with a deep passion for motorsports, doing automotive livery design was something that came natural to me. Being a successful fine artist in New York City before I graduated high school, livery design connects me directly with the painter inside. Automotive livery design is in essence, painting in three dimensions. I don’t look at creating a livery design as a graphics problem to solve. To me, the designs need to come from a much deeper place. Like a painting, when your done, the tank should be empty.

The examples of livery design featured below reflect this philosophical “painterly” approach. Love them or hate them, no one can deny they make a statement. They are answers to client requests and at the same time, vastly personal expressions of an artistic vision. I’d like to thank my clients for the opportunity to create them and for believing in my respective solutions. If you’re looking for a livery design that will separate you from the field, get in touch. You can read the feature Motor Authority article on my process here.